Why Choose A Group Home?

Rakhma filled a community need when founder, Shirley Shaw, created the first residential social-model of care for elders with memory loss in 1984. Working as a home health aide, Shirley recognized that our elders were living isolated and often lonely lives. They needed more than a few hours of assistance, and yet, they were far from requiring expensive institutional care. She envisioned a home setting where elders could live together and enjoy a normal life experience, with a trained staff available to help them age in place. 

Her vision became reality and her residential social-model proved a quick success, resulting in the opening of two more homes, and the writing of a book, The Rakhma Story, which details the Rakhma model for others (see Rakhma Resources). Today, hundreds of residential social models exist in Minnesota for individuals affected by memory loss.

The home model is an excellent model for memory loss because the smaller, intimate environment, and higher staff ratios are able to meet the needs of those with cognitive decline. It is especially successfully in minimizing behaviors often associated with Alzheimer's and other dementias. The supportive environment fulfills relational and social needs while helping to stimulate those wonderful sensory memories of home! Participation in daily chores such as watering plants, peeling potatoes, or folding towels increases a resident's sense of purpose and self-worth, while the familiar home setting and stable staffing alleviates fears and restores calm and confidence.

Nutritious Meals & Special Menus

Our meal menus consist of healthy ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, olive oil, fresh eggs and dairy, and more. We are able to accommodate special diets such as Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Diabetic, Low-Sodium, etc., and increasingly, our monthly menus feature vegetarian dishes because of the good health effects from this diet. Breakfast is served around 8am (although "sleepy heads" are allowed more beauty sleep), and lunch, the largest meal of the day is served at noon. A lighter dinner is served at 5pm. Family and friends are always welcome at mealtime, for coffee or for tea time!