St. Paul Joy Home
123 South Wheeler Street, St. Paul, Minnesota 55105

Joy Home is located in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul. This turn-of-the-century duplex has capacity for ten residents, five in Unit I, and five in upstairs Unit II. Joy Home features an attached patio/deck in the front yard where residents enjoy sitting outside on a warm day! The beautiful mansions that line Summit Avenue make make this neighborhood a great walking area. The Grandview Theater, quaint store fronts and irresistible eateries are a hop, skip and a jump away.

Joy Home Managers are Connie Proctor and Leif Johnson.

Assistant Manager is Erin Armstrong.

To learn more about our Rakhma Joy Home or to set up a tour, please call Susan Eckstrom at (612)-351-8061.