St. Paul Joy Home
123 South Wheeler Street, St. Paul, Minnesota 55105

Joy Home is located in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul. This turn-of-the-century duplex has capacity for ten residents, five in Unit I, and five in upstairs Unit II. Joy Home features an attached patio/deck in the front yard where residents enjoy sitting outside on a warm day! The beautiful mansions that line Summit Avenue make make this neighborhood a great walking area. The Grandview Theater, quaint store fronts and irresistible eateries are a hop, skip and a jump away.

Joy Home Managers are Connie Proctor and Leif Johnson.

Assistant Manager is Erin Armstrong and Ifrah Aden.

To learn more about our Rakhma Joy Home or to set up a tour, please call Susan Eckstrom at (612)-351-8061.