Rakhin' 'round the Town! (Outings and Activities) 

Rakhma offers a high-impact social program designed to meet the needs of all levels of cognitive function. Weekly, each of our homes participate with staff and volunteers in a variety of day trips throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. In addition, there are trips to movie theaters and area coffee shops.

Those that we serve enjoy meaningful and engaging events and activities such as trips to: The Walker Art Institute/Dementia Art Lab, Minneapolis Art Institute, Weisman Art Museum, History Museum, Landscape Arboretum, Como Conservatory, Stepping Stone Theater, Children's Theater and more! Summertime brings an extra measure of stimulation and outdoor fun with outings that include picnics in parks, pontoon rides, fishing on Minnesota's lakes and rivers with the "Let's Go Fishing" program, lunch at favorite restaurants, ice cream at Malt Shops and DQ's, and much more!

We encourage resident participation in outings, but as a person-centered care provider, we respect our resident’s right to choose. If residents choose to stay at home, there is always someone with them ready to engage them in an individual activity, or whatever they may prefer to do.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is provided weekly at all of our homes. Musicians prepare dementia-specific and thematic songs and therapy for our residents. It is a delight to watch residents sing along and to see the transformation that takes place in their face when a song or tune is recognized, a memory awakened, and they are able to sing along! 

Worship Services

Rakhma has a handful of fabulous volunteers that perform and sing worship songs, poems, and other various dementia friendly spiritual services.

Walk Companions

We offer a customized Walk Companion Program for residents who are able and want to get more exercise. A Rakhma staff will walk with your loved one through the neighborhood with a destination stop for coffee or soda. If the weather is uncooperative, walks take place at an indoor park or mall. The Walk Companion Program is an ancillary service invoiced to families. You can enroll your loved one for as many walk days you choose. For more information, call the business office at 612-824-2345, or email us at


We offer a weekly Tai Chi Easy class at our Rakhma Peace Home. Instructor, Jean Jentz from Feel Better Function Better, LLC incorporates gentle, tolerable, and easy-to-learn dementia-friendly movements for our residents.