The Effects of Alzheimer's Disease

For nearly 30 years, Rakhma has provided a safe and loving environment for individuals living with Alzheimer's or other related dementias. Our social model of care which features a philosophy of unconditional love as a best-practice of care for individuals living with memory loss has earned us a widely-renowed and respected reputation within the healthcare industry.  

StarTribune reporter Chuck Haga features Rakhma Homes in his investigation of the nature of Alzheimer's Disease and its effects on individuals and families in a1979 article entitled Losing A Mind. (Excerpt below)

It is an irreversible brain disorder that gradually steals a person’s memory, language and ability to reason. It alters behavior, judgment and personality and leaves victims incapable of caring for themselves, incapable of recognizing loved ones. Researchers don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s, and so far there is no cure.

The disease affects about 2.5 million Americans, most of them elderly, and kills about 100,000 a year, usually by infection or other complications. In Minnesota, as many as 40,000 people may suffer from Alzheimer’s or related disorders.

“It involves the death of cells in critical areas of the brain,” said Dr. David Knopman, chief of the Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Research Center at the University of Minnesota. “The nerve cells accumulate abnormal proteins. It’s not clear whether they once were normal proteins that can’t be properly metabolized by the brain, or if they started as abnormal. They accumulate and lead to cell death. There’s a clear connection between where we see those cells and the mental deficit.”

For a complete version of the article Losing a Mind, please download a copy of the pdf here.


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