Our Unique Philosophy of Care


“Unconditional love” is our ethos, our culture and our philosophy of care. Our staff and environment is friendly and relaxed, accessible and informative. We are a long-term care setting that looks and feels like home--with all the sensory memories of home. And where the rhythms and routines of home often reduce the fears and anxieties associated Alzheimer's disease.

We wholeheartedly believe, that while the brain may wither—the soul continues to thrive in an environment of love. Through our years of service, we are convinced that despite the inherent losses of Alzheimer’s, the human spirit never forgets "love". It remembers what love looks like and what love feels like. The human spirit always recognizes love. It always responds to love. It always remembers love. This is why love speaks volumes at Rakhma!

You are welcome at Rakhma!
Resident families and friends are an integral part of resident well-being and happiness. Therefore, your continued involvement in daily life at Rakhma is encouraged! You are welcome to participate in everything we do. You are welcome to take your loved out. You are welcome to join us for a meal, visit, outing or whenever you would like! We provide family and regular visitors with gate keys and door code access to our homes to make your visiting easy. Please come and go at your convenience.

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Resident Programs and Activities 

Peace Home-4953 Aldrich Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Grace Home-5126 Mayview Road, Minnetonka, MN 55345

Joy Home-123 South Wheeler Street, St. Paul, MN 55105

Harmony Home-5403 Minnaqua Drive, Golden Valley, MN 55422